What is the role of a UX Designer?

A UX Designer is responsible for creating and implementing UX Design. You actively contribute to projects; continually looking for new ideas and driving a higher quality experience for users, while adjusting the look and feel of applications to reflect your findings.

With your expertise, you are a trusted member of the project team throughout the full lifecycle. You will be involved in inceptions and workshops, working with team members to overcome challenges and find solutions.


Prerequisite Skills

Which skills should you look for in a UX Designer?

Look for a strong understanding and experience with design principles and matters such as:

Design Systems
Usability Research and Testing
Usability Heuristics
Visual Mapping (e.g.: customer journey maps, experience maps)
Interactive Design Fundamentals
UX Laws and user psychology
Design & Prototyping tools (e.g.: Sketch, InVision, Abstract)

A good understanding and working knowledge of: 

Designing for one or more platforms; web applications, mobile applications, admin tools
Information architecture and data visualisation
Service design fundamentals
Human Interface & Material Design Guidelines
Quality Assurance testing for UX Design

And finally, additional knowledge and experience that’s welcome: 

Branding and corporate identity
Passion with best-practice design methodologies and technologies
Human Centred Design practises
Digital Strategy planning and implementation
Facilitation of workshops and design sprints

Role Specific Trainings



Learning Plan for UX Designers

15 hours 30 minutes €400 per participant
See training

Get Backbase Certified!

To be able to provide strong advice and reach the desired implementation quality, the Backbase Academy initiated the Certification Program. Each consultant is required to be certified before working on any Backbase project. By passing the certification test, consultants are empowered to successfully implement our products.

Find all the details on how to get certified here.

Which languages can I follow training in?

All our trainings are delivered in English, all training materials are also in English.

Once I’ve completed my training, will I still have access to the materials?

Yes, you can still access training materials post-training where applicable.

Can I cancel my participation?

The Customer may cancel planned classroom training as follows:

  • By written notice of more than forty-five (45) days prior to the first date of the training: Backbase will refund (or credit, as applicable) hundred percent (100) of the relevant Fees;  
  • By written notice of between forty-five (45) and thirty (30) days prior to the first date of the training: Backbase will refund (or credit, as applicable) fifty percent (50) of the relevant Fees; and
  • By written notice of less than thirty (30) days prior to the first date of the training: Customer may cancel however without refund of any Fees;  
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if the Statement of Work is signed by the Customer within less than thirty (30) days from the first date of the training, no cancellation is possible.


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