**Widget Collections** Training
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Widget Collections Training

Intended audience
Business Analysts, Product Owners, Project Managers
1 Day
Required skills
All skill levels
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

Describe and identify the widget collections available
Understand the efforts involved in each implementation option
List the implementation options available
Know where to look for information on widget collections

If you want to learn what Backbase widget collections are, or if you work with them and want to get more details on how they are used in real projects, and the options available to adapt them to customers' requirements, then this training is right for you!

Curriculum for this training


In this module we are going to explain what a widget is and where they are placed. Explain the role of widgets in a Backbase project and list some of the additional features shipped with the widget collections.

Collections Overview

In this module you are to going to identify the widget collections available. describe the target audience of each collection. Identify the different personas considered when developing widgets. Explain what the collections offer to each persona.

Implementations Options

In this module you will explore the advantages and disadvantages of out-of-the-box and custom widgets. Explain each of the possible widget implementation option. You will know where and how to look for documentation on the widget collections.

Widget Examples

In this module you will check out a few of our widgets.

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