Using the **JSON Model Lifecycle**
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Using the JSON Model Lifecycle

Intended audience
Frontend Developers
1 Day
Required skills
Prior knowledge of the Backbase Platform and FE development within it
Prerequisite training
**Frontend** Essentials (May 2021)
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

What is the JSON Model Lifecycle?
Using the BB-CLI
Moving from Experience Manager to a JSON Model
Creating a Simplified Model from the JSON Model
Using Content in JSON Modeling
Exporting the JSON Model to Experience Manager
JSON Modeling as a Migration Tool
Creating a Docker Container for your App

This course includes:

✔  50 minutes of on-demand videos

✔  6 exercises

In this training module, we will show you how this new methodology can be used to manage the Object Model for your FE apps without the use of Experience Manager, and ultimately assist your project's team with the migration from widgets to journeys.


Curriculum for this training

Using the JSON Model Lifecycle

Welcome to the Employee Space module. This means that we’ve reached half of our way to the completion of this training course.
All the business processes and their related sub processes live in the Employee Space.


Welcome to the final module of this course. We have covered many aspects of Backbase Flow until now, the acquired knowledge will be crucial for your future as a Backbase Flow Frontend Developer.

It’s now time to discuss about some of the Backbase Flow Additional Capabilities.

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