Learning Plan for **Solution Architects**
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Learning Plan for Solution Architects

Intended audience
Solution Architects
110 hours

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What will I learn?

Solution Architect (SA) role, duties and responsibilities
How a typical Backbase project is managed
Basic information about the Backbase Ecosystem
Explore the products overview
Get familiar with the flow platform and its capabilities
How to use the Technical Architecture Document (TAD)
Document the TAD
Go through the essentials for backend, frontend and mobile


In this learning path you will explore the Solution Architect (SA) role, duties and responsibilities. You will also learn how a typical Backbase project is managed. You will go over basic information about the Backbase Ecosystem and products overview. You will learn how to use and document properly the Technical Architecture Document (TAD). Lastly you will go through the essentials for backend, frontend and mobile.

Courses in this learning path:

Backbase 101
Project 101
Product 101
Architecture 101
Solution Architect Essentials
Backend Identity (Dec 2020)
Mobile Essentials iOS - Architecture
Mobile Essentials iOS - Setup Development Environment
Mobile Essentials iOS - Adopt
Mobile Essentials iOS - Extend
Mobile Essentials iOS - Build
Mobile Essentials - Version Upgrade
Backend Flow 1.2.0
Flow Backend Update
Digital Banking - Retail
Digital Onboarding - Retail Product Flows
Digital Onboarding - Retail Journeys
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