**Solution Architect** Essentials (September 2021)
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Solution Architect Essentials (September 2021)

Intended audience
Solution Architects
10 Days
Required skills
All skill levels
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

How a typical Backbase project is managed
Basic information about the Backbase Ecosystem
Explore the products overview
How to use the Technical Architecture Document (TAD)
Document the TAD
Go through the essentials for backend, frontend and mobile


In this learning path you will explore the motivation for the Solution Architect (SA) role, the duties and responsibilities.This learning path includes the following courses:

  • Backbase 101
  • How to Run a Backbase Project
  • Solution Architect Course
  • Developer 101
  • Backend Essentials
  • Frontend Essentials
  • Frontend Essentials Update
  • Mobile Essentials (iOS)

Courses in this learning path:

Backbase 101
1 hr

Built by Backbase’s learning team, Backbase Academy, this interactive learning module covers the essential information about everything Backbase – who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

How to Run a Backbase Project
2 hrs

In this course you will learn about participants’ activities, responsibilities, and deliverables during each of the phases in a Standard Project approach.

Solution Architect Essentials
30 mins

In this course you will understand duties and responsibilities of a Solution Architect (SA). You will also learn how to use and document properly the Technical Architecture Document (TAD).

Developer 101
2 hrs

In this training module, we will introduce you to the Backbase Platform from a technical perspective. This module is meant as a follow-up to Backbase 101, where the Backbase Product is introduced in terms of packaging, capabilities, and delivery. We will take the concepts presented in Backbase 101, and translate them into a practical and high-level technical overview meant not only for developers, but all other roles.

Backend Essentials CXS 6.2.10 DBS 2.19.3
40 hrs

Welcome to Backend Essentials! In this course you will install the Backbase platform, then deep dive into the different backend services, how to use them and understand the value that they provide. You will also go through various hands-on development exercises.

Frontend Essentials WC 3.8.0 CXS 6.2.9
5 hrs

In this course you will learn how to make an online banking experience with Backbase. It is targeted at Frontend Engineers with Angular knowledge. It is targeted at Frontend Engineers with Angular knowledge.

Frontend Essentials Update
1 hr

This training is meant to be a follow-up to FE Essentials as it currently exists.

This training is what is known as a “delta” training, which means change. We’re here to explain how the product has changed since FE Essentials, how it hasn’t, and how it will change in the future.

Mobile Essentials iOS (New architecture)
3 hrs

In this course you are going to take a look into the Backbase mobile world.

Learn the theory and architecture of Backbase productised mobile applications - what are the journeys, what is the Mobile SDK, clients and design system and how they interact with each other.

The course includes theory & exercises on all Backbase product strategies - Adopt, Extend & Build.

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