**Mobile (iOS)** Identity
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Mobile (iOS) Identity

Intended audience
Mobile (iOS) Developers
1 Day
Required skills
All skill levels
Prerequisite training
**Mobile (iOS)** Essentials (New architecture – April 2021)
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

Theoretical background of the Identity Mobile SDK
Setting up and configuring the Identity backend environment
Integrating the Identity Mobile SDK to your application
Carrying out a successful credentials login
Leveraging passcode authentication
Leveraging biometrics authentications

This course includes:


       ✔   2 hrs on-demand videos

       ✔   3 modules

       ✔   Hands-on exercises

Curriculum for this training

Introduction to Mobile Identity SDK

In this module we are going to explain the theoretical part background of the Mobile Identity SDK. You will get familiar with the most important terms and learn how the involved parts interact with each other in order to carry out a successful authentication.

Identity Setup

In this module you are to going to set up and configure the Identity backend environment on your machine in order to be able to work on localhost.

Identity SDK Integration

In this module you integrate the Identity SDK to our application. You learn how to use it to register your device with the backend, carry out a successful credentials login. Also you will leverage the biometrics and passcode authentications.

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