**Mobile (iOS)** Essentials
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Mobile (iOS) Essentials

Intended audience
iOS Mobile Developers
10 Days
Required skills
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test

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What will I learn?

What are the Backbase best practices
What is the mobile architecture
How to set up the development environment
How to reach and use our Mobile SDK features
How to implement a widget
How to use a client
How certain functionalities work behind the scenes
How to manage your content

This course includes:

    ✔    Entry level test

    ✔    4 hrs on-demand videos

    ✔    8 modules

    ✔    Hands-on exercises

    ✔    Assessment and Q&A session (group session)

    ✔    Certification voucher

Curriculum for this training

Introduction to Mobile Essentials (iOS)

This module covers introduction to Backbase Mobile Essentials video training course.

Set up Development Environment (iOS)

This module covers how to set up mobile development environment. How to configure repositories, fetch the Mobile SDK and initialize.

Configuration file (iOS)

This module covers using the configuration file. You will see what kind of configuration we can do with this file.

The Model (iOS)

This module covers the model object and how to fetch the model from the server or use it from a local file. Also, based on the model you will learn how to build the navigation structure.

Networking (iOS)

This module covers Authentication and Session Management with AuthClient and PasswordAuthClient.

Native Widgets & Clients (iOS)

This module covers widgets and clients. We will be focusing on how to adopt out-of-the-box widgets and clients. You will learn how to retrieve data with clients and how to create a widget from scratch.

Content Management (iOS)

This module covers how to get content through content API.

Security (iOS)

This module covers Backbase out-of-the-box security features. White listing a URL, Certificate Pinning configuration and Root/Jailbreak detection topics will be explained.

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