**Backend** Identity
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Backend Identity

Intended audience
Backend Developers
5 Days
Required skills
Docker, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security
Prerequisite training
**Backend** Essentials
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

An overview on the Backbase Architecture
The differences between traditional and digital authentication
What is OAuth 2.0
How OpenID Connect works
What is Backbase Identity used for
How to set up Backbase Identity
How to configure your experience to authenticate with Identity
Create a customized authentication flow and authenticators
How to integrate Access Control with Identity Services

Curriculum for this training

Backbase Architecture Overview

This module covers Backbase Architecture, differences between traditional vs. digital authentication and the authentication process used in projects.

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

This module covers OAuth 2.0 terminology, OpenID Connect concepts and OIDC Authentication Flow.

Backbase Identity

This module covers an introduction to Backbase Identity, its components and user management journeys.

Identity concepts

This module covers Identity concepts and a few hands-on exercises about how to set up LDAP, configure the auth server and add a new user.

Configure Experiences to authenticate against Identity

This module covers how to configure your experiences that authenticate with Identity.

Authentication flows

This module covers authentication flows and authenticators.

Integrate Access Control with Identity Services

This module covers DBS integration with Identity Services.

This course includes:


       ✔   4 hrs on-demand videos

       ✔   7 modules

       ✔   Hands-on exercises

       ✔   Up to 2 hrs Assessment and Q&A session (group session)

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