**Frontend** Essentials
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Frontend Essentials

Intended audience
Frontend Developers
10 Days
Required skills
Angular, CSS3, ES6, HTML5, Node.js, NPM, RxJS, Sass, TypeScript
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test

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What will I learn?

Single Page Application Development
Widget Architecture Overview
Widget Development
What is the Backbase Platform?
Extending Widgets
Internationalization (i18n)
Inter-Widget communication
Developing CXS Items
Content Management
Using Backbase Theme
UI Components Development

This course includes:

    ✔    Entry level test

    ✔    5 hrs on-demand videos

    ✔    6 modules

    ✔    Hands-on exercises

    ✔    Assessment and Q&A session (group session)

    ✔    Certification voucher

Curriculum for this training

Introduction to Backbase

In this module you will start from the basics and understand more of what Backbase offers.


In this module you will install and run Backbase services.

Customer Experience Services (CXS) Basics

In this module you will work with our visual editor called Experience Manager.

Widget Architecture 3 (WA3) Essentials - Adopt

In this module we will discuss how to use the Backbase platform to build FE solutions out of the box and introduce you to the concept of Dynamic Rendering, which is the mechanism in which the component trees for Backbase FE apps are rendered.

WA3 Essentials - Extend

In this module we will discuss how to Extend the widgets provided in the various Backbase Widget Collections.

WA3 Essentials - Build

In this module we will present a use case to Build a new FE solution for a project, and then show you step-by-step how to build it from scratch.

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