**Backend** Essentials
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Backend Essentials

Intended audience
Backend Developers
10 Days
Required skills
Java, Maven, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test

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What will I learn?

How to extend and build custom services with Service SDK and Direct Integration Services.
How security works in Backbase and how to develop an authentication service.
How to enrich the JSON data and have it stored in the database.
What is and what value Digital Banking Services brings to you.
How to have fine grained security in Backbase.
How to use the out-of-the-box integration service do import data.
How to build a custom integration service to fit exactly your requirements.
How to customize the original flow with your own business logic.

This course includes:

    ✔    8 modules

    ✔    On-demand videos

    ✔    Hands-on exercises

In this course you will install the Backbase platform, then deep dive into the different backend services, how to use them and understand the value that they provide.

Curriculum for this training

Install the Backbase Platform (CXS 6.2.10, DBS 2.19.3)
Service SDK and Direct Integration Services
Security with Backbase authentication service
Introduction to Digital Banking Services (DBS)
DBS entitlements and access control
DBS Data Ingestion and custom integration
DBS Behavior Extension
DBS Data model extension
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