**Backend** Essentials
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Backend Essentials

Intended audience
Backend Developers
10 Days
Required skills
Docker, Java, JWT, Maven, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test

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What will I learn?

What is the Backbase Platform?
Integration with external services
Content Services
Core CX Concepts
Backbase Architecture
Security Services

This course includes:

    ✔    Entry level test

    ✔    9 hrs 45mins of on-demand videos

    ✔    11 modules

    ✔    Hands-on exercises

    ✔    Assessment and Q&A session (group session)

    ✔    Certification voucher

Curriculum for this training

Backbase Architecture

In this module participants will get detailed information about the Backbase Architecture, among other topics we will cover: microservices, widget architecture and more.

CXS Basics

Participants will learn about all the key features within CXS.

Backbase Service SDK

In this training you will learn how to use our Services SDKs to increase your development speed, maintain consistency across the services developed and use best-of-breed technologies that are proven, tested and constantly maintained by Backbase.

Direct Integration

Participants will be provided with information about on how to use our Service SDK to create a direct integration service and provide to widgets information gathered from external resources.

Backbase Security

We dedicate a full day to this module explaining how Backbase secure the services, the technologies we use, and how you can create or customize the service responsible for the Authentication.

DBS Architecture

A deep dive on the architecture used by Backbase to create the DBS capabilities and services.


What is Entitlements? Entitlements in Backbase, Access Control, Limits and Approvals

Data Ingestion

This training will show you how to ingest data using the APIs from the previous module.

Extending an existing DBS Capability

Sometimes out-of-the-box is not enough. This training will cover how you can extend the existing capabilities model, how to extend the behaviour of existing capabilities and a how you can create your own capability.

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