Learning Plan for **iOS Developers**
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Learning Plan for iOS Developers

Intended audience
Mobile (iOS) Developers
55 hours 30 minutes
Required skills

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What will I learn?

Theory and architecture of Backbase mobile applications
The Mobile SDK
What are the journeys
Clients & design system


In this training we are going to take a look into the Backbase mobile world. Learn the theory and architecture of Backbase mobile applications. What are the journeys, what is the mobile SDK, clients & design system and how they interact with each other.

This training is intended for mobile developers who want to learn how to integrate the flow Backbase SDK to their project and streamline the customers onboarding experience.

Courses in this package

Backbase 101
Product 101
Project 101
Architecture 101
Mobile Essentials iOS - Architecture
Mobile Essentials iOS - Mobile Environment
Mobile Essentials iOS - Adopt
Mobile Essentials iOS - Extend
Mobile Essentials iOS - Build
Mobile Essentials - Updating your app
Flow Mobile (iOS) 1.3.0
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