**Frontend** Identity
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Frontend Identity

Intended audience
Frontend Developers
1 Day
Required skills
All skill levels
Prerequisite training
**Frontend** Essentials (May 2021)
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

An overview on the Backbase Architecture
How Identity's authentication flow works
How to install a barebones Identity server
How to build your first experience authentication by creating your first realm
How to create your first custom theme and apply it to the realm you've built
How to create a custom login template for your experience

Curriculum for this training

Introduction to Identity

This module covers the prerequisites, the Backbase general architecture and how does Identity's authentication process fit in.

Identity Setup

In this module you will be guided through the installation of a barebones Identity server that you'll use to preview the customizations you can do as a frontend developer.

Theming and customization

In our final module, we will discuss the multiple methods you have to customize the branding and messaging in your realm.

This course includes:


       ✔ 1 hour of on-demand video

       ✔ 3 modules

       ✔ Hands-on exercises

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