**Frontend** Essentials Update (May 2021)
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Frontend Essentials Update (May 2021)

Intended audience
Frontend Developers
1 Day
Required skills
All skill levels
Prerequisite training
**Frontend** Essentials (May 2021)
Entry level test
Not required

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What will I learn?

A review of the most important concepts in FE Essentials and how they relate to upcoming changes in the product
How to use OpenAPI, the API syntax that replaces RAML
What productized apps are and how to preview the latest developments in the product
What the JSON Model Lifecycle is and why it was developed
What Journeys are, and a preview of how they will be implemented in FE
A discussion of the Future of FE at Backbase, highlighting upcoming changes to FE, CX Services, Identity, and Content

This course includes:

    ✔   1 hour of on-demand video

    ✔   17 videos

    ✔   Hands-on exercises

This training is meant to be a follow-up to FE Essentials as it currently exists.

This training is what is known as a “delta” training, which means change. We’re here to explain how the product has changed since FE Essentials, how it hasn’t, and how it will change in the future.

Curriculum for this training

Frontend Essentials Update (May 2021)
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