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Frontend All-in

Intended audience
Frontend Developers
11 Days
Required skills
Angular, CSS3, ES6, HTML5, Node.js, NPM, RxJS, Sass, TypeScript
Prerequisite training
Not applicable
Entry level test

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What will I learn?

Single Page Application Development
Widget Architecture Overview
Widget Development
What is the Backbase Platform?
Internationalization (i18n)
Inter-Widget communication
Content Management
Use Backbase Theme
UI Components Development
Identity authentication
Custom login template
How App Manager works
How Content App works
What is Universal Collection
Create views and content interfaces

This package includes:

Backbase Frontend All-In Package contains the following courses:

Frontend Essentials

Frontend Identity

Using Content in WA3

This training will not only go through how to make an online banking experience with Backbase, but also explain where Identity stands within the Backbase platform, and learn about the Identity architecture. Lastly, you will explore how to use content in Widget Architecture 3.

Courses within this package

Frontend Essentials Course
5 days

In this course you will learn how to make an online banking experience with Backbase. It is targeted at Frontend Engineers with Angular knowledge.

This course includes an entry level test and a certification voucher. You will receive an email from training@backbase.com to subscribe to the test and receive the certification voucher.

Frontend Identity Course
1 day

In this course you will see where Identity stands within the Backbase platform, and learn about the Identity architecture and how they interact with each other. You will also learn how Identity's authentication flow works.

Throughout the course, you will be guided through the installation of a barebones Identity server that you'll use to preview the customizations you can do as a frontend developer. In our final module, we will discuss the multiple methods you have to customize the branding and messaging in your realm.

Prerequisites: Backbase Frontend Essentials Course

Using Content in WA3 Course
1 day

In this course you will go through what content is, the tools used to create and manage content. You will also explore the content types, the content service. Lastly, you will develop a structured content solution in WA3.

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