**Experience Manager** Training

Experience Manager Training

Giving business users a theoretical understanding of the Backbase platform



  • Intended audience: Non-Technical project team members
  • Max number of participants per session: N/A
  • Total duration: 140 minutes
  • Required skills: N/A
  • Preferred skills: N/A
  • Prerequisite courses: Not applicable
  • Entry level test: Not required
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What I will learn?

Theoretical understanding of the Backbase platform
Hands-on exercises and real scenarios
Explores key features

Curriculum for this course

Experience Manager - The Basics

This module is an introduction to Backbase and its graphical user interface, Experience Manager.

Experience Management

This module gives you an insight into pages, widgets, and layouts, and focuses on the differences between the Enterprise Catalog and the Experience Catalog.

Pages Management

This module focuses on the different types of pages that can be created in Experience Manager, and how to add items to them.


This module will show you how to manage navigation in Experience Manager and create navigation items, such as external links, headers, aliases, dividers and redirect links!

Content Management

This module explains the different types of content items that you can add to your experiences and how to manage them.


This module focuses on targeting, a feature that allows content editors to show different views to end users based on who accesses the page.


This module explains the publishing workflow in Experience Manager and all the necessary steps before a page goes live.

Security and Auditing

In this module, we're going to focus on Experience Manager's user groups, their roles and permissions, and we will give a quick insight into the Auditing tool.

Frequently asked questions

I have a problem completing a booking or request online, what should I do?

For any issues or support, please contact us.

Can I cancel my participation?

The Customer may cancel the training as follows:

  • By written notice of more than forty-five (45) days prior to the first date of the training: Backbase will refund (or credit, as applicable) hundred percent (100) of the relevant Fees;  
  • By written notice of between forty-five (45) and thirty (30) days prior to the first date of the training: Backbase will refund (or credit, as applicable) fifty percent (50) of the relevant Fees; and
  • By written notice of less than thirty (30) days prior to the first date of the training: Customer may cancel however without refund of any Fees;  
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if the Statement of Work is signed by the Customer within less than thirty (30) days from the first date of the training, no cancellation is possible.
How can I pay for training?

eLearning courses can be purchased directly in our store via PayPal or credit card. Should you require an invoice as an alternative, please contact us.  Classroom trainings will be billed via an invoice.

Once I’ve completed my training, will I still have access to the materials?

Yes, you can still access training materials post-training where applicable.

“Backbase Academy has been instrumental in our success and growth as a Backbase partner. Their team works closely with us to customize training solutions at both Backbase locations and our own that met our needs and schedule. Backbase’s highly knowledgeable instructional team guided us at every step to understand the technical principles key to the Backbase approach, which gave our technology team a strong foundation to help our clients achieve success with the Backbase platform.”

Steven Lyall Aavri

“I am delighted to share my experience on the Academy’s service, which has been key to fine-tuning Accenture’s capabilities to participate in successful Backbase implementation projects. I want to highlight the flexibility of the delivery offer that, apart from the periodic courses in the Backbase offices, offers training at the client’s offices, which is essential for global organisations such as Accenture, covering our needs in countries as Spain, Colombia or Philippines. We also greatly appreciate the increase in the offer of online courses that allows better match the professionals training with the Project’s plans and commitments. Thanks for helping us reach our objectives creating the global capability required to serve the Clients.”

Carmen Rueda Accenture Technology

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