What is the role of a Frontend Developer?


A Frontend Developer is responsible for creating all the elements required to compose a Backbase Banking Application. This means that you will be in charge of diverse tasks such as:

Creating Widgets (and their UI components), containers, and implementing existing Backbase Widgets and Containers. They will be also responsible for implementing the Bank’s branding by adopting and extending the Backbase Theme.

Prerequisite Skills

Which skills should you look for in a Frontend Developer?

Angular 6
Apache Maven

An introduction to the Backbase Frontend Architecture

Role Specific Trainings



Learning Plan for Frontend Developers

61 hours 30 minutes €1,300 per participant
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Get Backbase Certified!

To be able to provide strong advice and reach the desired implementation quality, the Backbase Academy initiated the Certification Program. Each consultant is required to be certified before working on any Backbase project. By passing the certification test, consultants are empowered to successfully implement our products.

Find all the details on how to get certified here.

Which languages can I follow training in?

All our trainings are delivered in English, all training materials are also in English.

Once I’ve completed my training, will I still have access to the materials?

Yes, you can still access training materials post-training where applicable.

What if I fail the Entry Level Test?

A second chance at the Entry Level Test is possible. Should this also be failed, please get in touch with us or your training arranger to discuss your options.

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