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Certification program

By successfully passing the certification test, consultants are empowered to successfully implement our products.

What is the certification program?

To be able to provide strong advice and reach the desired implementation quality, the Backbase Academy initiated the Certification Program. Each consultant is required to be certified before working on any Backbase project. By passing the certification test, consultants are empowered to successfully implement our products.

Following self study materials such as the documentation available on our Backbase Community and attending the recommended training courses prior to attempting a certification test,  you will be able to fully comprehend key technical concepts and enhance product expertise.

How do I get certified?

In the beginning of June 2022, we launched online certification. This means that candidates can now certify from the comfort of their homes, without needing to visit a test center in person, as was the case with PearsonVUE exams. The PearsonVUE (older) certification portal will be active for about another month, after which it will no longer be available.

The online certification can be accessed from within the training. The last module of our Frontend, Backend, and Mobile learning paths focuses on online certification. It includes all instructions as well as the link to the certification platform. We recommend following certification from inside the learning path in the LMS. However, if this is not possible for any reason, certification can be accessed via this link.

How much does it cost?

Certification costs $210 per candidate, per test.

Which tests are available?

Backbase Certification Test for Backend Developers
Backbase Certification Test for Frontend Developers
Backbase Certification Test for Android Developers
Backbase Certification Test for iOS Developers

How do I prepare for certification?

The certification exam will test you on the components of your role-based training. Our study guides will give you an overview of the exam content, and can be downloaded from the links below. The study guides are also included in the last module of your role-based learning plan.

Frequently asked questions

Are the mentioned prerequisite trainings really necessary?

In short, yes!

Any prerequisite trainings mentioned are necessary to ensure you are able to fully participate in your selected training. Any instructions to setup training environments are essential to be able to carry out training.

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