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Each month, we deliver training in both Backbase Amsterdam, and Backbase Atlanta. Our training locations are located centrally, with easy access and accommodation within walking distance.

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Academy training location Atlanta
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“Backbase Academy has been instrumental in our success and growth as a Backbase partner. Their team works closely with us to customize training solutions at both Backbase locations and our own that met our needs and schedule. Backbase’s highly knowledgeable instructional team guided us at every step to understand the technical principles key to the Backbase approach, which gave our technology team a strong foundation to help our clients achieve success with the Backbase platform.”

Steven Lyall Aavri

“I am delighted to share my experience on the Academy’s service, which has been key to fine-tuning Accenture’s capabilities to participate in successful Backbase implementation projects. I want to highlight the flexibility of the delivery offer that, apart from the periodic courses in the Backbase offices, offers training at the client’s offices, which is essential for global organisations such as Accenture, covering our needs in countries as Spain, Colombia or Philippines. We also greatly appreciate the increase in the offer of online courses that allows better match the professionals training with the Project’s plans and commitments. Thanks for helping us reach our objectives creating the global capability required to serve the Clients.”

Carmen Rueda Accenture Technology
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